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Provent vs CPAP

People who could not adjust to CPAP therapy now have another option.

People diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea who could not adjust to CPAP therapy now have another option. Provent is approved for the treatment of OSA. The Provent MicroValve is placed over each nostril to create airway pressure preventing airway collapse. The one-use device is discarded in the morning. For people new to Provent, the manufacturer recommends the Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy 30 Day Starter Kit with graduated levels to assist in the adjustment period. Manufactured by Provent Sleep Therapy, LLC.

How Provent Compares to CPAP

CPAP Provent
  Bulky face mask attached to a machine   Small, lightweight, disposable and convenient
  Can Interfere with bed partner's sleep   Does not distrub bed partner's sleep
  May not work in the event of electrical outage   Is not affected by electrical outage
  Difficult to travel with   30-day supply easilt fits in a purse or pocket
  Forced air may dry out nose and mouth   Can breathe normally using ambient air
  May limit movement while asleep   Can move freely while sleeping

Sleep well knowing you now have options for treating your obstructive sleep apnea.

  • Unique nasal device that is convenient & easy to use
  • No equipment setup or maintenance
  • Reimburseable through most Flexible Spending accounts
  • Small & portable pouch for each one-time-use pair
  • FDA Cleared to treat OSA
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive & latex free
Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy

How do I know if Provent is right for me?

People diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea who can not tolerate CPAP therapy now have an alternative option. Unsure if you have Obstructive Sleep Apnea? CLICK HERE to take the Epsworth Sleep Scale.

  • Provent treats Sleep Apnea without using a mask and CPAP machine. It may be an option for a person who has given up on CPAP therapy.

  • Provent makes contact only with the nares, or the area around nasal openings. There are no straps or buckles. Someone who has never found a nasal mask that worked for them may find Provent a fit.

  • Provent provides treatment for OSA using only a very small and unique nasal device. It is another option for people diagnosed with OSA who have never begun treatment because the machine and mask were uncomfortable.

Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy
Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy