Liviliti Paptizer UVC LED Smart CPAP Sanitizer

Both ozone-and-mercury-free, the Liviliti Paptizer sanitizes and eliminates over 99% of bacteria in only three minutes with the push of a button. While also sanitizing your CPAP equipment, the Paptizer can reduce odors to keep your CPAP mask, parts, and accessories in tip-top shape. Instead of using traditional bulbs, the Paptizer uses hospital-grade LEDs that are designed to last for up to 10,000 hours of sanitization. As an added plus, your equipment can be immediately used after disinfecting with no waiting period! Incorporate the ozone-free Paptizer into your CPAP cleaning routine.

Deodorizing Feature Reduces Odor Through LEDs, Air Flow, and Heat

If pesky smells are lingering after washing your CPAP equipment, enter in the Paptizer that uses LEDs, air flow, and heat to reduce the odors. After you wash your equipment as you regularly would, dry it completely and place it in the Paptizer to sanitize and deodorize. Once your items are clean, the LED countdown timer will double beep to alert you that your equipment is immediately ready to use.

Easy to Maintain With No Replacement Parts Needed

There are no additional filters or parts to replace, making the Paptizer a low-maintenance addition to your CPAP setup.

What’s Included:

  • Paptizer Sanitizing Device
  • UV Test Card
  • Instruction Manual
  • Stainless Steel Rack
  • Power Supply

Liviliti Paptizer UVC LED Smart CPAP Sanitizer

Widely Used in Hospitals: Comes Equipped With 40 UV-C LEDs To Disinfect Anything that Fits Inside the Device in Only Three Minutes

Using 40 UV-C LEDs, the Paptizer has been lab-tested and proven to kill both germs and bacterias such as e. coli, staphylococcus aureus (staph bacteria), candida albicans (fungal diseases), and p. aeruginosa (bacteria that causes infections). For ultimate sanitization, the Paptizer is five-sided with a reflection on the bottom to kill 99% of the bacteria that lives on your CPAP equipment. With 360-degree coverage, the Paptizer can disinfect anything that fits in the device such as your glasses, wallet, keys, and electronics on the “Fast Sanitize” cycle only.

Simple-To-Use and Portable: Push One Button To Start Sanitizing At-Home or On-the-Go