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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my Provent Nasal Device doesn’t stick or leaks?

Sometimes the device may not stick because the skin around the nostrils is too wet, is covered in lotion, or is oily. In addition repositioning the device, after it has been applied, may cause leaks and reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive.

It is important to wash the area around your nostrils with soap and water before you apply the device. Then, make sure the area around your nostrils is dry and free of any lotions or gels, so the device can stick properly. Also try to avoid repositioning the device after application. If you have a mustache, you may need to trim it if you are unable to get a complete seal.

What if Provent Therapy is uncomfortable at first?

Breathing through the Provent Nasal Device may feel different at first because it makes it harder to breathe out. This pressure keeps your airway open while you sleep. Try and stick to the rou-tine and practice breathing out through your mouth while awake.If you find it too hard to breathe while sleeping, simply remove the device and try again tomorrow night. Your body will need time to adjust to this new way of breathing, so don’t give up right away.

What if the skin around my nostrils feels irritated?

It is very rare for the adhesive on Provent Therapy to irritate the skin. However, if your skin becomes irritated, try removing the device with a damp washcloth, or while in the shower, as the moisture may make it easier to take off.

What if my mouth is dry when I wake up?

If this happens, keep a glass of water by your bed.

What if I breathe through my mouth when I sleep?

As with nasal CPAP therapy, Provent users who may be mouth breathing during sleep may benefit from the use of a chinstrap.

What if I have more questions?

We’re here to help! Visit, call Provent Customer Care at 1-703-378-4353, or talk to your doctor.

Provent is an FDA cleared alternative to CPAP and is ideal for travel.

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